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Simple Ways To Stop Smoking In Weeks

Simple Ways To Stop Smoking In Weeks

Have you ever thought about stopping your addiction to cigarettes? Many people have attempted to do this, but have always gone back to this debilitating habit. Nicotine is a very difficult substance to stop using because of its addicting nature. That’s why cigarettes have lasted so long despite the fact people know that it is bad for them too smoke. As a result of this, more people than ever are trying to find ways to stop their addiction to nicotine, and there are a few remedies that actually do work. Here are some tips on getting rid of your habit of smoking traditional cigarettes, strategies that may help you quit in the next few weeks.

Using The Patch

Considered a revolutionary strategy for eliminating the need for smoking, the nicotine patch hit the market several years ago. Unfortunately, this particular solution is not very good in that the nicotine that is delivered through the skin is not as potent as the nicotine that is smoked. This has caused quite a backlash with proponents of the patch, yet some people have found relief using it. You might want to try it out and see if it works for you, but there are a couple other better options.

Nicotine Gum

Nicotine gum is another product that was made with the intention of delivering nicotine into your system without having to smoke cigarettes. In theory, it should work, but you never know if it will until you actually try it for yourself. Many people have had moderate success, but it is not a win-win scenario for everybody that tries to gum. There are better ways to stop smoking, some of which involve pharmaceutical remedies.

Pharmaceutical Remedies

The next thing you might want to try is going to your doctor and getting a prescription for pharmaceuticals that can help you stop smoking. There are a couple different ones that you can try, but the one that seems to work the best is Chantix. The reason that this works so well is because it actually causes you to have bad dreams at night which are created by smoking after taking this drug. Many people find it works for them, yet others just endure the nightmares. Clonidine is another drug that seems to have positive effects, but none of the pharmaceuticals are actually a guarantee.

Electronic Cigarettes

If you could find a way to stop smoking that allowed you to still get nicotine, you would probably have the best solution to ending your addiction to tobacco based cigarettes ever created. This is why so many people use ecigs and e liquid instead of traditional cigarettes because they can get the nicotine that their body craves and at the same time stop smoking regular cigarettes. Although these have only been out for a couple years in mass, e cigarettes have quite a following. Some of them are so good, they actually replicate the actual taste of certain brands of tobacco, making it a very easy transition for some people which allows them to stop smoking.

Regardless of the choice that you make, and the solution that works for you, your main goal needs to be the same which is ending your addiction to smoking tobacco based cigarettes. Using any of the remedies that have been mentioned, you may have success, but she will never know until you try. Talk to your doctor today, or try electronic cigarettes, and see if you can stop smoking in the next few weeks. Some people have actually had success in a matter of days using ecigs, which is why so many people recommend them today.